or I would cosplay with you


    I woul take you on a date were we would look tfios, Inception and marvel and I would let you try all sorts of dutch food like stroopwafels and hagelslag

    Yay! That’s be so awesome!

    If I were dating you I would wrap you up in a blanket and marathon movies and pamper you with sweets and love you because you deserve that and so much more. XOXO.

    Aww! Thank you *blushes*

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  2. I’m going to the orthodontist, and it just so happens that I’ve stained my retainer red somehow so I’m gonna prepare to be killed by my mum.

  3. make-me-feel-alive-for-once:

♥︎ Sell Your Soul ♥︎

I like this because it’s realistic in a sense. She hanging, but not in a way that’ll kill her quickly. She’d have struggled in the beginning, confident that she’ll escape and be free, but the longer she struggled, the weaker she got, and that eventually killed her.


    ♥︎ Sell Your Soul ♥︎

    I like this because it’s realistic in a sense. She hanging, but not in a way that’ll kill her quickly. She’d have struggled in the beginning, confident that she’ll escape and be free, but the longer she struggled, the weaker she got, and that eventually killed her.

  4. Anonymous
    Gabriel, do you remember what heaven was like before you left? I'm tired of it here and I don't want to love anymore if this is what my life will be.

    I, ah. I never got to see many personal heavens, so it was just all office blocks and the occasional forest for me up there in the big blue sky. Or whatever my brothers and sisters decided to manipulate certain spots into.

    That, and the fledglings nearly nearly making some of the more uptight angels blow a blood vessel with all of their antics. (I’m not saying Balthazar nearly causing Michael snap on a number of occasions… but, yeah, that’s exactly what I’m saying. After his brief but traumatic few centuries with little Balthi, Mike tried to distance himself from the title of Holy Babysitter as much as he could. Which was funnier than it sounds.) 

    And—whoa, hold up there, bucko. That better not mean what I think it does, because… Kid, you got so much more to live for. Don’t cut it short. It ain’t your time, got it? Life may be tough, and, yeah, it can suck ass real bad. But one day it’ll stop sucking ass—could be tomorrow, next week, next month, or in a year’s time. Whenever.

    Thing is, though: you’re only gonna see that day if you’re still around. So you gotta promise me you will be. 

    Look, kiddo, me and Sammy aren’t the best people to talk to about this sorta stuff. We might have some experience in Apocalypse-stopping, but we ain’t trained professionals when it comes to this kinda thing—and it might be a good idea for you to talk to someone who is. I hear this place and this one are pretty good for that. 

    Hang in there, pal. 

    Imagine: Jed/Oct rope kink. Lots of it. Also imagine: Larry/Ahk slave AU ancient Egypt. (Not asking you to write anything, just starting the Octavedia and Royal Guard post over again.)

    Oh my god yes! Definitely! To both of those!


















    God knows Jed has rope, and they both have training (or I figure they should; Octavius’s military lessons had to account for mooring ships and such like, I think).

    And I imagine Ahkmenrah is a kind (if somewhat demanding) master, and again, I figure Larry is very eager to please. ;)

    Definitely! And I bet at least one of them has a bondage!kink. Probably all of them do ;)
    Larry and Ahk would get it on anywhere to be honest. I can imagine Ahkmenrah kicking his Jackals out.

    Assuming they can fit through the doorway to the temple.

    I’m kind of curious about how Kahmunrah would feel about the whole thing. I think he’d be kind of a scandal hound.

    So far as the Octavediah bondage thing is concerned, chances are also good that Ockie has a whip or two, to punish insubordinate underlings (And Jed, if he wants it). I imagine Octavius’s personal servants are instructed to keep their distance whenever Jed comes over to play.

    I’m sure they all have lots of fun ;) Ockie probably has a dungeon, which Jed visits
    very regularly. I like to imagine the power *accidentally* goes off for a while so Larry and Ahkmenrah can get it on in another room. Kahmenrah? He’d probably be more pissed with Larry than he was in BOTS.

    Very frequently indeed ;)

    Why would Kahmunrah be pissed? Because Larry’s pretentious enough to get down with is brother? Methinks someone is jealous, heheh.

    Ooo, having sex in the dark. Now they’re getting adventurous! hehe

    Well, Jed and Ockie will be used to the dark if they’re always in that dungeon ;)
    Kahmenrah will be most jealous. He wants a slave too, and to have one as obedient as Larry is just too rare and perfect.

    I imagine he would, but his specs are certainly slightly different (for example, such a slave would have to be able to tolerate what essentially amounts to a spoiled six year old). Yes, a slave like Larry really is quite rare indeed. :D

    Octavediah in the dark…that is a very good thing…. :P

    I bet Larry would be a bad slave for Kahmenrah. He’d misbehave.
    Ahkmenrah probably has a chains kink. I imagine he’s got a collar for Larry.
    Jed and Ockie probably have a slave kink too.

    All this talk like this reminds me of the notion I have that maybe Ahk has Larry as his service top or otherwise lazes about while having Larry have his hands all over him. I’m not sure what he’d do with the chains and collar while Larry’s busy or it’s day and McPhee’s about, ever alert for the slightest sign of anything amiss (yet he somehow either misses the tablet entirely due to Weirdness Censor or knows about it and just doesn’t want to deal with it). For miniatures like Jed and Octie, that’s a lot easier to manage, though (That, and they’d probably try everything in the book just because they can).

    And yes, Larry would be a bad slave for Kahmunrah. He’d give lip like no tomorrow, is the main thing. Just bein’ sassy and pissing Kahmunrah off to no end in sight.

    I can just imagine Ahkmenrah laying in their nest with Larry laying beside him with his head on Ahkmenrah’s chest and caressing him and kissing him and stuff while Ahkmenrah holds Larry’s leash (attached to Larry’s collar) and the two of them just do that after playtime ;)

    The thing is I don’t imagine Larry with a collar or leash at all. To me he seems like enough of a sub by nature that those aren’t necessary. Of course, if the couple decides they want to play like that… But I don’t know if slaves had collars back in Ancient Egypt. How much of that is even practical, all things considered? And part of it is I feel like Ahk would have something against anything which seems cruel on a moral level. He is a good kid, after all.

    True. I’m sure they like to experiment a bit. I mean, they need to find out what make each other go crazy.

    They probably do like to experiment, and I bet Ahkmenrah gets his ideas for things to tell Larry to do to him from his exposure to the modern world, helped along wittingly or not by Nick (Imagine that father/son conversation). And you’re right, in the bedroom knowing is at least half the battle.

    To be honest, I think Nick would guess by himself what’s happening with both couples. It’s obvious enough to us, so he probably guessed already. ;)

    Even if he did guess, I figure they would have to talk about it eventually, especially if Larry doesn’t know that Nick knows.

    I can imagine teenage Nick going to Ahkmenrah and saying “Are you fucking my dad? I mean, it’s totally cool, but are you?”

    I imagine Larry probably feels the need to talk to his son about it somewhere along the line and it coming out that way, in age-appropriate terms.

    Nick would be totally accepting though. He loved Ahkmenrah, which is obvious from the first movie when they’re chasing Cecil on Rexy.

  5. The voices found a new way to piss me off…

  6. This is what I’ve called my wake up alarm. Of course, the ringtone is Heat Of The Moment.

    This is what I’ve called my wake up alarm. Of course, the ringtone is Heat Of The Moment.

  7. I haven’t gotten very far but I’ve drawn the basic outline for my Chibi Cas

    I haven’t gotten very far but I’ve drawn the basic outline for my Chibi Cas

  8. Anonymous
    I want to Marry you

    Awwww. Thank you :) *blushes*

    I really don't think Dean's issues are dealt with like they should be. I would love to read a story from S8 where Dean was still so upset about Cas leaving him alone in Purgatory, and Sam not looking for him while he was stuck in Purgatory, that he finally decides that's where he really belongs. He thinks he must be a monster anyway. So he makes arrangements to go back. How would Sam and Cas stop him? Could they convince Dean they actually do want him to stay?

    This is an interesting idea! I’ve done many depression and low self-worth prompts, but this one’s different. I like it :) This is set, obviously, after Cas came back.


    Dean watched as Sam pat Castiel’s back, accepting the jar of honey Castiel had been trying to give him for the past 5 minutes with a nervous smile. Dean chuckled slightly as Castiel tilted his head, confused as to why Sam was patting his back. Dean felt his chest tighten and his throat went dry. He slipped away without the others noticing.

    When Dean got to his room, he frowned as he flopped down on the bed. Things weren’t the same after purgatory… His relationship with Cas wasn’t the same. His faith in Sam wasn’t the same. Nothing was the same.

    He’d abandoned Cas. He’d left him behind in Purgatory. He couldn’t bear Sure, Castiel had pushed him away and told him to go, but he didn’t even try to get Cas back. What kind of friend was he, leaving Castiel in that place? And Sam… Sam hadn’t even bothered to look for him. Sam gave up on him.

    ‘Maybe Sam didn’t want me back…’Dean thought, ‘maybe he didn’t look for me because he doesn’t want me. Maybe I’m better off back in purgatory…’ Dean pulled John’s journal out of his top draw and turned to the page he, Sam and Cas had written about Leviathans and Purgatory, about Dick Roman and how Cas had absorbed all the monsters in purgatory and become a God.

    “That’s where I belong…” Dean muttered, taking a pen and writing down several plans on how to get back into purgatory.

    “Dean?” Castiel knocked on the bedroom door before opening it. Dean shoved the book under his pillow. “Sam wants to know if you want a pie.”

    “Dude, when don’t I want a pie?” Dean chuckled, standing and leaving the room. Castiel looked confused as to why Dean had hidden John’s journal from him. Dean wasn’t planning to kill him, was he? Castiel moved over to the bed and took the book out from under the pillow, reading what Dean had written before leaving the room.

    “God, I love pie.” Castiel heard Dean laugh. Castiel walked into the kitchen, watching as Sam chuckled into a cup he was drinking from. He looked at Dean, who was munching happily on a mouthful of pie.

    “Dean?” Castiel asked shakily.

    “Yeah, buddy?” Dean replied, despite the pie in his mouth.

    “Why do you want to return to purgatory?” Castiel ask. Sam spat out whatever he was drinking.

    “What?!” Sam looked over at Dean, who looked surprised to say the least. Castiel showed Sam the journal and Dean shrank down in his chair. Sam looked up at him. “What the Hell, Dean?” Dean mumbled something. “I didn’t get that.”

    “I said: Why do you care?” Dean growled.

    “You’re my brother, Dean! Purgatory broke you!” Sam replied.

    “Then why didn’t you look for me?!” Dean snapped. “You didn’t look for me! You didn’t even try!”


    “It’s not just you! It’s Cas too!” Dean stood abruptly, causing Sam and Dean to jump. Castiel looked at the ground. “Cas made me leave him! Do you know how… how bad I felt for leaving the little dork behind?” Dean asked, running a hand through his hair. “I thought, for God knows how long, that I had left him after letting go of his hand!”

    “Dean.” Castiel stepped forward, but Dean stepped back.

    “And then there’s me.” Dean laughed darkly. “I’ve been to Hell! I’ve tortured souls and, God damn it, I enjoyed it! I came back, and I killed everything in my path without a second thought!”


    “I’m a monster, Sammy! I belong in Purgatory! With the other monsters!” Sam quickly moved forward and wrapped his arms around his brother, holding Dean as he fell apart in his arms. Castiel moved round and rubbed Dean’s back.

    “You are not a monster, Dean. You are the righteous man. I do not think you are a monster. I think you are confused.” Castiel told him.

    “I agree with Cas. We love you, Dean. We don’t think you’re a monster.” Sam added.

    “What about Sam? If you were in Purgatory, Sam wouldn’t be safe.” Castiel reminded him.

    “I don’t wanna lose my brother… not again.” Sam whispered.

    “And I don’t want to lose my best friend.” Castiel smiled sadly. Dean nodded against Sam’s chest before pulling away. “Why don’t we get some pie and talk about this, okay?”


  9. I’m gonna try and draw chibis on Photoshop. (I’ve never drawn in Photoshop before…)

  10. lilaira:



    omg did u see that ghost

    When I saw that and thought it can’t get better

    it did

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