1. “Something on your mind, Spock?” Kirk broke the silence in the bridge when he noticed his first officer deep in thought. Everyone looked over at the Vulcan.

    “No sir. It recently occurred to me that today would have been my mother’s birthday.” Spock replied, sounding and looking slightly saddened. Chekov swallowed and looked away, which Sulu noticed.

    “Pav? What the matt-” Sulu was abruptly cut of when Pavel stood quickly and exited the bridge. Kirk turned to the pilot.

    “What did you say to him?” He half exclaimed. Sulu explained what had just happened.


    Pavel avoided everyone for the next week. He looked worse every time he appeared on the bridge, dark patches under his eyes, getting skinnier, looking scruffier. Each day, Hikaru grew more worried and told the Captain to be wary and told McCoy to be prepared. Sulu wasn’t going to force Pavel to do anything.

    One day, when they were on the bridge, Spock seemed to notice Pavel’s neglected form and pulled the Captain aside for a moment.

    “I have reason to believe Ensign Chekov’s condition is due to the fact I mentioned my mother a week ago.”

    “What do you mean? How does… oh!” Kirk’s eyes widened in realisation.

    “I realise that I have not yet informed him that I do not blame him for her death. I feel this is somewhat my fault.”

    “No, don’t be silly, Spock. I never thought… that he’d end up like this…” the Captain glanced over at the navigator, as did Spock. “He’s only 18. He shouldn’t even be on a star ship, let alone dealing with what happened that day.”

    “I concur, Captain. I do not believe there was any way of saving her.” Spock replied. Suddenly, Pavel slumped to the side and fell out his chair, falling to the ground.

    “Pavel!” Hikaru leapt from his seat as Kirk and Spock started running over and moved Pavel so he was cradling him in his lap with Pavel’s head against Sulu’s chest. “Sulu to sickbay! McCoy, Pavel’s just fainted!” McCoy swore through the comms and replied: ‘Alright, calm down, I’m on my way.’ Sulu shook Pavel gently. “Pav, wake up. Please Pasha.” Chekov slowly opened his eyes and looked up at Sulu.

    “I’m sorry…” he whimpered. Sulu helped him to sit up and gently rubbed circles on his back comfortingly. Spock stepped forward and knelt down besides the young navigator.

    “Ensign, is the neglect to yourself an effect of the events that happened on the day of my mother’s death?” Pavel nodded, muttering another ‘I’m sorry’ before choking back a sob. Spock wrapped his arms’ very uncharacteristically, around the young navigator and hugged him as he spoke.

    “You do not need to apologise, Ensign. I want you to know I do not blame you for her death. You were not assigned to the transporter that day, yet you managed to save the Vulcan High Council, the Captain and Lieutenant Sulu. I doubt any other officer on the ship would have been capable of doing that and saving my mother. I do not want you to blame yourself. I know she would not want you to either.” He released Pavel and nodded.

    “Zank you… Commander. I… I feel slightly better nov.”

    Kirk watched as McCoy and Sulu managed to persuade Pavel to go to sickbay, then walked over to where Spock was stood beside the captain’s chair.

    “Did you hug Ensign Chekov?”

    “I did. I have found it is a way of comfort amongst most humans.”

    “Can’t argue with that.

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    Supernatural Gif Challenge: 10 Scenes [8/10]

    7x10; Death’s Door - Bobby’s best memory

    I just can’t with this scene. The fact that Bobby’s best memory is not of his life before he became a hunter, when he was happy with his wife, or anything else. It’s of an evening with his two boys who have the rare opportunity to just be boys for once. They’re not stressing about the impending Apocalypse or frantically researching something for their current job, or fighting amongst themselves over demon blood or crossroads deals. 

    They’re just two boys enjoying a movie and squabbling about candy. 

    With their adoptive father. 


    This was one of those scenes that made me cry and hyperventilate simultaneously

    No. I can’t do this again.

    Why did this have to appear twice in a row on my dash now I’m completely crying. 

  3. Chekov and Sulu are hella gay

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    Ad Campaign by Amnesty International Switzerland

    Switzerland are always forward thinkers.

    this is one of the most humbling ad campaigns i’ve seen.


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  5. I’m watching Star Trek! God, I’ve missed Star Trek… Let the shipping begin!

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whoa we’re half way there




    whoa we’re half way there


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whoa livin on a prayer




    whoa livin on a prayer


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  8. I usually avoid cute people, but I can’t avoid my 600 beautiful followers!

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  10. No. You can sing! LIIIIIIIES!!

    No I can’t! *hides under covers* I can’t sing! You lie!

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    Ok ok. My friend has been pushing me into posting me singing for a while now. So I’ll do the same thing as the awesome trekkiel and if I get 10 ♫ in my ask box I’ll (attempt to) post me singing. 




    Hurry before I lose my nerve! I’m awful! XD

    Guys! Send her music notes!

  12. camogalaxynova1941 😱 WHA?!?! But I can’t! Are you deaf?

    camogalaxynova1941 😱 WHA?!?! But I can’t! Are you deaf?

  13. forestfireeyes Me? Cute? Wha… I think you’re confused… 😅

    forestfireeyes Me? Cute? Wha… I think you’re confused… 😅

  14. Okay, so… I did a thing where if I get 10 music notes, I’ll post me singing on here, despite how horrible my voice is. There’s a reason for that.
    I promised Ami (Padaleckiwhat) once a long time ago that I would sit next to her and play “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz and sing it to her. Unfortunately, we’re a few hundred miles apart and stuff… plus, I forgot how to play the ukulele so I’ll need time to re-learn it.
    I can’t sing, but I’m willing to for-go the public humiliation if it means it shows Amelia how much she truely means to me.
    Ami, I’m not sorry, but I am not afraid to show you how I feel, and I’m not trying to embarass you. I’m sorry to subject you to my horrible voice, but here you go. (Please don’t laugh and please no hate…)

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    Okay… Okay, let’s do this shit.